Focus on Women's Health
Medical Operative, September 23rd, 2007
Las Terrenas Municipal Hospital

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A medical operative aimed at girls and women took place
in Las Terrenas on Sunday, 23rd of September, at the
local municipal hospital.  People arrived as early as 7:30
am while the operative started at 9 am and continued until
3 pm.  Men and children, regardless of sex, were also
seen.  A total of 567 cases were attended to.

Fundación Mahatma Gandhi and ACES North America
have a partnership for service aimed at bettering the
quality of life among people in Las Terrenas in education
and health.

The operative received technical asístanse from Dr.
Alexander Vólquez, medical director of the local hospital,
the Asociación Humanitaria Domínico-Europea, the
medical emergency services  DomRescue, Drs. César
Rodríguez, María José Biarnes and Soñé and Mrs.
Caridad Raffo, R.N.

The operative was coordinated by Lic. Porfirio Olivo,
nacional director of Avanzada Comunal Enseñando y
Sanando (ACES) of Santo Domingo while local logistics
and resources were coordinated by José R. Bourget and
Annette Snyder, executive directors of Fundacion
Mahatma Gandhi.

A total of 567 cases were seen, arranged as follows:
  • General medicine, 296 cases (85% women).
  • Gynecology:  70 cases (59% were women 14-25 years
    of age, all cases envolved vaginitis).
  • Psychology:  10 cases (95% women, behavioral issues
  • Dental:  77 cases (91% women)
  • Lab:  19 cases (90% women, HIV and blood tipification,
    no HIV found).
  • Vaccinations:  75 cases (84% women).
  • Family planning:  20 cases (75% women, pills and
    condons; 35% were women 13-19 years of age).
  • Pharmacy:  885 prescriptions were written.  40 were
    dispenses by the hospital’s pharmacy and 55 by the
    pharmacy of the Dominican-European Humanitarian
    Association.  795 prescriptions were filled at the ACES
    pharmacy.  The cost of prescriptions filled by ACES
    alone is estimated between $180,000-200,000.

Professional Team
  • General practitioners:  8 (3 local physicans and 5
    members of ACES)
  • Dental:  6 (all members of ACES)
  • Gynecology:  1 (member of ACES)
  • Lab:  2 (members of ACES)
  • Pharmacy:  10 (6 local and 4 members of ACES)
  • Support staff:  12 (8 locals and 4 members of ACES)

Financial disbursement through ACES North America
$74,250 donated by Anjana Puri, a summer volunteer of
Fundacion Mahatma Gandhi (obtained through
fundraising activities she conducted and from family
sources).  This money helped fund transport of the team
from Santo Domingo, purchase of drugs for the pharmacy
and related logistical expenses and it was managed
entirely by ACES Santo Domingo.
©2007 Fundación Mahatma Gandhi.  Todos los derechos reservados.
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  • $5,000.00 contributed by the Governor’s Office of Samana Province,
    Honorable Dra. Elsa de León, governor.  
  • $5,000.00 contributed by electrical company, Compañía Luz y Fuerza.
  • $5,000.00 contributed by Lic. Porfirio Leonardo.
  • $5,000.00 contributed by Lic. Alejandrina García George.
  • $1,000.00 contributed by Dr. Pedro Julio Anderson.
  • $2,000.00 contributed by Servicios El Paseo.
  • $10,000.00 contributed by the Bourget Snyder family.
meta, butter, cookies, juice and coffee, totaling $1,700.00).  the team on Rey
Supermarket donated 10 2-liters bottles of pop, a $500 value.  Roberto Rey
Supermarket donated 10 2-liters bottles of pop, a $500 value.  Roberto pop, a
$500 value.  Roberto Vegetables donated a whole bunch of bananas value.  
Roberto Vegetables donated a whole bunch of bananas estimated at $200.
bananas estimated at $200.
estimated at $200.

  • Agua Thiana donated all drinking water for attendees and team, estimated at
  • LT-7 donated ads in the local weekly for three consecutive weeks, value
    estimated at $5,000.00.
  • KariBeach Hotel provided discounted rooms with breakfast and a special
    deal for the dinner on Saturday night for the entire team of 53 people.
  • TOTAL contributions in cash, $38,000.00.  TOTAL contributions including in-
    kind, $47,000.00.

Local Expenses:
  • Hotel rooms for 30 people, including dinner for team and breakfast:   
  • Lunch on Sunday:  $4,500.00.
  • Publicity: $1,000.00 Terra FM, $1,000.00 La Calle FM, $1,500.00 for
    announcer.  Free publicity in LT-7.
  • Logístics:  fuel, duplication and printing of materials, printer ink, chairs,
    cleaning, eating supplies, Internet, phone calls, unexpected and misc.:  
  • TOTAL local costs:  $38,000.00.

Thanks and Desirable Future
We thank all donors and volunteers.  The desirable follow-up to this activity is
the creation of a Women’s Center in Las Terrenas.  If you wish to participate
and/or contribute please contact José Bourget at 809.386.3086.  See more
details at  
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